Pergolas are a fantastic feature to add to any garden, here at Martin Ford Landscapes we offer unique and great looking pergolas which are sure to suit and compliment most garden shapes. Pergolas aren't just a great looking feature to have in your garden but they are very helpful in offering support for plants and flowers climbing up against them.

Complement your Garden With A Wonderful Pergola Feature

Pergolas come in an endless range of designs and styles so no matter how simple or complex you would like you pergolas design we will be able to offer the perfect one for you and your garden.

Large Selection Of Pergola Styles Available

Pergolas are available in a large selection of finishes and colours, you can keep your pergolas natural and keep the wood finish or if you are interested in adding colour to your pergola you can then paint this any colour you may wish.

If you're Interested in A Pergola Look no Further!

If you would like to add style and class to your garden or would just like a wonderful feature to enjoy during the summer months then a pergola will be perfect for you! All you need to do is call us tell us your requirements for your pergola and we can help you.